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Help & Info about PDFCreator for windows

  • What does the PDFcreator do?

    PDFCreator is a piece of software that allows you to convert documents into PDF (Portable Document Format) files on Windows operating systems.
  • How do I merge with PDFcreator?

    Do what you would normally do to create a PDF, but leave the print job in the PDF-Creator window and add other documents to it. You may now use the “Manage” function to view your list of print jobs. When you have arranged your documents, you can click on “Merge All” to combine what you have arranged into a single document.
  • Can I set PDFcreator as my default printer?

    You may set it as your default print setting by opening your start menu and finding or searching for “Devices and Printers.” Right-click the “Printing Preferences” option. Change the settings according to what you want, and click on “Apply” to add the changes and “Ok” to close the options menu.
  • How do I use the edit function with PDFcreator?

    Open the PDF with this piece of software, and you should be able to edit the PDF so long as it is not locked or corrupt in any way.
  • Is PDFcreator free?

    You may use and share PDFcreator as you see fit. How you use it, what you edit, and what you publish as a result has nothing to do with the software itself. There are other components to the “Creator” package, and they have their own licences that may or my not cost money.
  • Is PDFcreator safe to use?

    At the time of writing, the PDFcreator is safe. However, make sure to scan the downloaded files with an antivirus/malware checker, and create a system restore point prior to installing the software.
  • What do I do if my antivirus program says that PDFcreator contains a virus?

    Some of the files, such as the uninstall files, are also typically used by malware. In most cases, the virus threat is a false positive, but you should probably quarantine the file, double check it online, and maybe even back up your computer on an external hard drive before you add it to your computer or move it from your computer.
  • Why does Outlook give a warning when I attach files I created with PDFcreator?

    PDF files are great masks for viruses. Outlook is less likely to flag your PDF or PDF-Creator creation as a virus if you have up-to-date antivirus software on your computer, which includes an up-to-date version of the Windows 10 antivirus program.
  • Are Windows 7 and PDFcreator incompatible?

    There are many problems relating to this tool and Windows 7. If you can avoid using Windows 7 to run this program, then you should. If you cannot avoid it, then you will have to look online for specific solutions to whatever problems you are having.
  • Where are my saved files going?

    In most cases, if you specify a path with “Save As,” then your subsequent saves will go there too. If you truly cannot find your files, then check the regular places such as the documents file, pictures file, desktop, and so forth. You could also run a search on your computer for the file name, and then click the right-click menu that says, “Open Location of File.” Finally, you may go back to the “Save As” function, and see where the original file was saved.


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